further battle with the stash

Today I went after the larger box full of silks and velvets. The fabric in there falls into two categories, the colored, and the undyed (which sounds like zombie fabric but really, it is just white). I separated and tidied those sections, and moved the velvets into a bin I am more likely to look into and take things out of. I also, in a fit of organization, folded the big undyed pieces so they fit better.

And then I went after the pile of unconsolidated stuff on the floor in the corner. There was an appalling amount of trash, which was easy to cope with. There were several canvases that I'd thought I was saving for something, but I'd rather have the space they take up. There were many many empty spools, because for a while they were a good indicator of how much thread I'd used, and what I should replace. And then there was the box of parts of dolls I made, back when I was makign art dolls. And a lot of heads. And two small bears from the doll house of my youth, and a larger bear as well… those are harder to decide what to do with. I need to have enough open shelves that I can actually display some treasures – I just have to keep a very tight rein on what, exactly, is a treasure.


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