the best going to school conversation in a while

*passing the local tv station truck with its extendable dish raised
high, and a wire wrapping around it, making it look… sproingy*

Lee: put a hamster up there and pull back, you could launch it into low earth orbit
Alice: but, you like hamsters. You want to get rid of raccoons
L: true. But raccoons are larger and heavier – they wouldn't get into orbit, they'd be sub-orbital
A: and land, lightly scorched, in…?
L: Russia, depending on where we aim
A: so Russia is over-run with smoking raccoons? cool
Maybe, if we dipped them in barbeque sauce, the sauce would caramelize
as they sizzled through the atmosphere, making a crunchy protective
A: it would crack on impact though
L: releasing the overheated but now protected raccoons into Russia

*a moment of reverent silence*
*Lee, unable to keep from voicing her grudge*

with the credit cards they stole from my wallet, they could continue to
order solid but cheap tools that are made in Korea but sold through
Home Depot, and create a new kind of DIY havoc on the Russian populace.
Think of the garbage bin openers, the barbecue grill food extractors,
the other random things they could make!
A: *reminiscing snerk* sub-orbital raccoons!

dusty in here

mud season

I'm still neck deep in the high school musical, but today I do not have to be at school until noon, so I marched into my studio and started something. Before I could start anything I had to sweep a good deal of dust and crud off various surfaces – I hadn't realized it had been so long since I sewed something that wasn't a dinosaur. 

The weather is definitely transitioning to spring. Days are warm if they are sunny, but kind of grim if the sun isn't out. the snow is melting and grubby, the ground underneath the snow is also melting and muddy, and the horses are shedding in giant handfuls of loose hair. I am alternately coated with white hairs from Nuada and red and orange ones from Kaboose. It is a different kind of look, especially when combined with the layers of paint from the set; white primer, and gray, pink and brown.