dusty in here

mud season

I'm still neck deep in the high school musical, but today I do not have to be at school until noon, so I marched into my studio and started something. Before I could start anything I had to sweep a good deal of dust and crud off various surfaces – I hadn't realized it had been so long since I sewed something that wasn't a dinosaur. 

The weather is definitely transitioning to spring. Days are warm if they are sunny, but kind of grim if the sun isn't out. the snow is melting and grubby, the ground underneath the snow is also melting and muddy, and the horses are shedding in giant handfuls of loose hair. I am alternately coated with white hairs from Nuada and red and orange ones from Kaboose. It is a different kind of look, especially when combined with the layers of paint from the set; white primer, and gray, pink and brown.