tobacco barn

tobacco barn


A new thing is tugging on me.

Also I rode a horse today! Kaboose and I did 20 minutes walking and trotting. She was not limping, my back didn't hurt, and neither of us freaked out. And! I didn't fall off. If I'm not hobbling tomorrow then it looks like I can start riding again, a thought that fills me with pleasure.

Two circles are on flickr, if you click on the barn above –


dec 10


There is a very sheer circle in the center. I had to mess with the photo so it was almost visible.

I am recuperating from two days on my feet at the craft fair. I managed laundry and shopping today, but mostly I want to sit down and be stupid in a corner.

Yesterday's circle is on Flickr, as are better photos of Dec 7 and 8. I took their portraits with my cell phone because I'd left my real phone at the show…


dec 7


dec 8

I talked to more nice people today than I did all week – craft fairs are good for that. I'm lucky in my neighbors, and lucky with my customers.

I will be there again tomorrow too, all day. I hope my voice holds out.

The circles for yesterday and today are stitched using pleating patterns and techniques I found in a beautiful book called Shadowfolds. I got it out of the library, but I might have to own a copy. I like it a lot.

wheels within wheels

dec 4


Worked on this one while at Aerin's Concert Band Concert. There was also a percussion ensemble, the members of which played everything from vibraphone to tom-toms, including tin cans and the jawbone of an ass. It was quite wonderful.

My current camera is having lens fault issues (whatever that means) so I'm back to the older camera. I think the pictures are fuzzier, but I can't decide if that is tiredness talking or actual difference.


dec 3


I'm still enjoying making my circle lounging on the end of the couch. There are advantages of hand work. I like working with fabric that help me stitch neatly, and I am pleased with the little extra circle on perched on the curve there.

Al says generally he can get a grip on what I am trying to do with my work, but this month's circles are mystifying him. Alice just smiles.