prescience and handwork

nov 30


dec 1

Friday's circle, the last of November, cannot properly show the absurd joy I get from snow falling from the sky.

However I will cheerfully admit that snow has a downside. It hadn't even started snowing when I made it, it started over night, and produced a thin fine glaze of ice and packed snow on the roads between me and Ipswich. I worked on getting to the craft fair at the Ipswich Museum for an hour and a half, miserable and tense, and not even half way, and finally turned around and went home. The combination of nasty driving, and ominous forecasts convinced me I'd done the right thing. I still have craft fairs to go, one right in town tomorrow, and one in Pittsfield next weekend for two days. I hope the weather is easier for those.

And then there is the first circle for December and the last set for the year. I knew I wanted to use a lot of texture and a lot of white and overlapping pieces. I am working on hating handwork less. So I combined those ideas into hand stitched layers of white fabrics.

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