not the death star

dec 2


Somebody commented yesterday's circle looked like the Death Star, which made me turn this one around until it was unmistakably NOT the Death Star. It is the extra gray circles with stitching around the edges that provoke this illusion, I think.

Today was a craft fair at a friend's house. Al was trying to figure out how this worked. The answer is that this is a connected and community aware woman with a ton of friends and a commitment to living locally. So she invites a bunch of friends who make things into her house (an enormous and fabulous Victorian era house) and invites friends and neighbors in to see what would make good presents for the season. I have more great conversations about everything there than I do in any other month of regular living!

But I have been standing and talking all afternoon. I realized one of the nice things about handwork for this month is that I can sit on the couch with my feet up and work with a meditative slowness that the sewing machine doesn't allow.