merry and quiet

Aerin was named Christmas Czar this year. Her decree was that everything should have to do with books, if it wasn't a book. So it became Bookmas.

It was a huge success. The kids agreed to get out of bed before noon, and Alice actually woke up on her own at 9. We sat around visiting and laughing while Aerin woke up some. We handed eachother piles and piles of books. Things we wanted someone else to read we got from the library and wrapped. Some books we bought – technical things (origami, data presentation, Turing biographies) and beloved books we had to have copies of. 

After we opened things, silence descended on the living room. An hour later, someone looked up and complimented Aerin "Bookmas! huge success!" and we all went back to reading again.

May your day be as successful as necessary, and peaceful and bright.

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