folded, spindled…

dec 15


I think I caught the textures well!

The neighbors are celebrating St. Lucia's day with sweet things, astonishing mulled wine and what seems to be 57 kinds of cookies. Oh, and Eva-Q gets to wear a crown with lit candles and Chester comes after with a hat, wand and platter of bread with more candles. And we sing, in English and Italian, about meeting Santa Lucia by moonlight. Which remains deeply mysterious to me. But I really like the candles. And the cookies.

One thought on “folded, spindled…

  1. I am meaning to write my own post about the delightful coincidence of finding out that we were at the same party, but that hasn’t happened yet because apparently I needed to rant first, but: What a delightful coincidence! It was great to meet you and sing (or in my case, tunelessly mutter) carols with you!


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