last four days of circley things

last four days of circley things


Friday I finished the little cephalopod (octopus).

Then I took two other people's children to MIT to go to a weekend full of classes. Students and grad students at MIT were offering classes in everything joyfully geeky. There were a dozen different programming language classes, philosophy, Calvinball, making chain mail (above), global finance, voting systems and another dozen languages. Each class went on for one or two hours. The kids were exhausted at the end, but cheerful. For the adults it is fine if the kids can be left on their own to find food and friends in between classes. If one has to wait around, it strongly resembles waiting in an airport, except the Wifi is amazing. This year I spent less airport time, and got to putter around Harvard Square catching up with a friend from High School that I hadn't seen since, well, high school.

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