what I did in October


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I think it is funny that I accomplished less in October than in August when i was on vacation. In my own defense, I got struck down with a bad back, and then had a panic about finishing work in time for a show. I do like the sugar skulls at the end of the month. If I'd thought of them sooner I would have tried to wedge more of them into the middle of the month. They can be very freestyle kinds of things.


nov 9

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"Oh what a tangled web we weave…" which turns out to be Sir Walter Scott. And actually spiders are the least tangled web weavers I know. So maybe that is not the precise quotation for this one. I rather like spiders in the abstract – and they take good care of the bugs in my house in the summer. But I just had a major cobweb removal frenzy (after Halloween the cobwebs aren't really decorations any more) and I was feeling guilty. So have a spider!