nov 3

via www.flickr.com

Hathor, one of the oldest goddesses in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, was called "the Goddess of the West" and believed to welcome the dead to the afterlife.

November was originally going to be all the presidents but I got so overloaded on politics, and so interested in skulls and Day of the Dead celebrations and the idea of psychopomps that I changed my mind I did think briefly about embroidering skulls over all the various presidential portraits, but that didn't seems correct. Or polite. Psychopomp is an ugly word for entities that guide the spirits of the dead to the afterlife. They are also ways the unconscious communicates with the conscious mind, and an aid to creativity. Depending on the culture, psychopomps range from gods and goddesses to animals and angels.

I like the idea of someone meeting me after I die, so they are kind of a compelling concept for me.

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