out of commission

I am motionless on the couch waiting for my back to get better. I was doing well wnough for most of the summer, but last night something went abruptly wrong, and I just stayed on the couch with an ice pack and some really powerful painkillers.

I'm grateful I am enough better today to hobble around some, but I can't do any work for another few days.

Once I do get up and get going, I have lots of work to finish before the end of the month. The circles might take a back seat to finishing larger pieces, including a commission piece.

apple picking

oct 8

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Alice was off apple picking this afternoon, and returned with half of a half bushel or Macintosh, Jonagold and Cortlands. I was trying to convince her to help me make an apple galette; if she'd do the crust I'd slice and arrange the apples. But we are both too tired to proceed further.

I think all desserts sound better in french. Galette is a much better name than "folded over at the edges pastry thing" although I am not sure what the french is for cookie. And cookie is a fairly splendid word too. I can be convinced either way – what do you think?

all kinds of excitement

oct 6

On Friday I left a nice young man with an awesome mask sanding the bathtub preparatory to coating it with vile chemicals and rendering shiny, white, clean and not-a-health-hazard, and drove to New HAven to catch a train to New York.

Considering how close the Big City is, and how much fun I have, it always surprises me how much resistance I put up to the idea of going. This time Kate asked me to go with her, and I did, and we slept in a tiny tiny room with a bathroom containing fixtures swiped off an airplane, and we walked EVERYWHERE. It was faabulous. We think we should go back again soon.

The above circle is a happy part of the breakfast we had yesterday at Pain Quotidien (everyday bread); pain chocolat, iced coffee, Earl Grey tea, a fritatta, and more coffee. And a soft boiled egg.

After that we walked to the Chrysler Building and up to Columbus Circle and over to the MMA, and back to our hotel, and then I bolted for home while Kate did a wedding thing.

Today I was at the farm all day working at a horse show, and Alice made cupcakes. With raspberry frosting. So they made a circle. Al has kindly pointed out that the candy he likes best is not terribly colorful, and can look…. dubious when rendered in fabric. And he suggested I branch out into dessert. Since he is right about a lot of things, I'm following his suggestion this time.

oct 7

the good ship…

oct 4

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Lollipop (L, O, double L, I, P, o, p, you seeeee! It's a lick on a stick guaranteed to make you sick, lollipop for meeeee!)(sung to the tune of Harrigan)

I decided my ceiling problem was something to be outsourced rather than addressed, so a sympathetic and capable soul was recommended by a local friend (Thank you any how Jenny!) and will come address the issue on Tuesday.

raspberries, sort of

oct 3

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They're made in Germany, and they are coated with little beads of sugar, and then they are gumdrops inside – I don't know what else to call them. They are not quite gumdrops, they are sort of like nonpareils, and they are raspberry flavored.

I was powerful and invincible today: I removed the light and fan from the bathroom, scrubbed the ceiling, and put three (Three!!) coats of clean white paint on it. My shoulders are sore, and I am unspeakably tired, but I wanted to find a non-ugly, quieter fan to go in that space. So Alice and I went to the big box hardware store and found several only faintly useful people, and a pretty light, and brought them home…

Whereupon I was vanquished by the remains of the light/fan combo. It is stuck in the ceiling, and I can't get it out. So we are kind of stuck at the moment, and I will have some kind of brainstorm tomorrow.

big rock candy mountain

oct 2

Alice was tired and I was headachey, so we stopped at Sweeties, the candy store in the middle of town, and Alice found something for a treat and something for me to show you. Have some rock candy. Al thought it was a napkin. Intricately folded.