Aerin first day of school 2012

Aerin first day of school 2012


aug 29

Aerin and I staggered off to Amherst to deliver her to her dorm. She had a pile of stuff packed that seemed large compared to her room, but once we got there, she seemed more like the (usual) model of light packing our family values. Her bed is made, her poster up, her computer plugged in, and she and her Commonwealth College cohort have recited a pledge to work hard and be good to eachother. Then we ate in the dining hall, and came home.

It is a whole new stage. It could be a big step, except Aerin never really takes big steps, she just keeps moving, slowly and steadily, by the smallest measurable amount. In math, that smallest amount is called epsilon. Epsilon Girl, off to school two towns over…

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