knee bones

aug 16

I just think this one looks so much like knee bones! It was folded into the linen from yesterday, and had the same treatment, but a tighter weave makes it look quite different. Also, as I learned when dyeing things with Cindy-with-no-blog-yet, dipping fabric dry makes for very blurry lines and edges, while dipping things wet makes the edges of the resists very crisp. While I like crisp for edges of moons, I really like the slow fade that happens across this circle.

If things worked right, we're on the island of Monhegan, watching the sunset now. Unless it is raining. and then we are snugged up against the table in the kitchen with rum&lime, listening to the rain and talking. My brother and I always joke about the world's smallest family reunions. Come on mom, you know you want to be here for a day!


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