gelatin again

july 12

The thing about gelatin printing is that complex and layered pieces happen after 3 or 4 or 5 prints. For instance, to get to the above piece, I had already made these prints: 

  • I started with green paint, covered the plate, and put down a leaf, then printed (that is not here – I have that for another project)
  • I removed the leaf, leaving green paint that had been hidden, and printed (that is on this piece)
  • I put down a piece of fern, and rolled ink over the whole, block, peeled off the fern and printed (that is the purple circle on this piece) 

And each time you can add something, or remove something, or mask something, or unmask something… It is a lovely process for experimenting.

In other news, Al is home from Ann Arbor and we are both home at the same time for the first time in nearly three weeks. It turns out, part of what I was homesick for was home-with-Al, so I am happier now.

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