gelatin plate printing

july 11

Imagine, if you will, making Jello extra strong and wibbly, and then painting ink or fabric paint onto it, placing interesting things onto the paint, then placing fabric over the paint and pressing gently. That is gelatin plate printing. My bestest table-mate ever from Haystack (hi Cami!) said it was a fun process, and she was exactly right.

There are some very good sources out there, which I will list tomorrow once I've got them straight.

This is my first piece – purple fabric paint from Jacquard with a piece of Queen Anne's Lace flower and a fern. The plates keep for a while in the fridge. I'm entertained by the idea of printing with Jello. Now all I need is use Kool-Ade dye, thickened with marshmallow fluff and I'll have a pleasures of childhood trifecta.

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