end of March

march 31


March lasts a long time. Somehow I forget it has 31 days, and that those 31 days come at a tough time of year for me. Although the absurdly warm weather was fun. And the lovely, isolated snow storm at the beginning that set me off on this particular path for the month. And the days are getting longer, now the sun has swung across the equator.

I had not expected so much feedback from these circles – the black and white palette and the landscapes really spoke to people. I have given them all away, which is both surprising and wonderful. If you commented, or requested a circle I thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. If you haven't commented, and you would like a circle, drop me a note, or comment, and I'll get it out to you.

I still need to give away some January and February circles. I envision myself sitting at a table in town, once the weather warms up a little, with free art to hand out. I wonder if I need a busker's license for that?

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