march 30

I find myself wondering if you can intuit emotion from motion. The way a crow flaps, they look insouciant just moving away from you, or scoping out a field. Ducks and geese flap with a kind of desperation I completely sympathize with – it looks like their wings barely have enough lift to keep them aloft. Hawks look faintly impatient as they circle and wait for dinner to show itself.

Some birds look less emotive flying. Blue herons look impossibly ungainly and deeply prehistoric.

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your circle projects since you started. I stop by sporadically and am amazed at your progress – and determination!
    I just finished working on two primarily black and white quilts, and I’ve decided that sometimes its’ too much to focus on that palette for too long. The gray, black, white – as cool as it sounds (and looks, in retrospect) I felt horribly “bleah” as the projects wore on.
    I hope you’re feeling better – and April is almost here! Time to indulge in some color!


  2. so true…i was a mess this winter, and a friend, a healer, sent me crows. she didn’t tell me, but by god, the next morning i was escorted to work still dark, mind you, and one swept along next to me until i outran her. and then a pair flew up and laughed and played around me (i’m still driving) and by the time i’d gotten to work, there had been many. after the fact i found out why.


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