Alice and the new hippo

alice and the new hippo

Alice and I needed things at the not-exactly-fabric store, and we found some other things too. She needed vellum to make a large origami spiky star thing to put a lightbulb in to hang over the table. We found that, and medium gray thread, which I need for the blue Polish hen. And then Alice found patterns for these great floppy creatures, including a hippo, a rhinoceros and an elephant.

So we got the pattern, and some fabric, and came home and made the hippo right off. Together. We think it is for the nephew, but Alice is helping the hippo practice being a good friend. And a good pillow. 

Alice said she felt like she was in a Little Bear episode. And then she said that any day that felt like a Little Bear episode is a very good day. 

So today was a very good day. 

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