what we did for the Fourth of July

one boat

One boat, 


second boat

Two boat, 

third boat

Three boat,


boats four and five

four and five boats in/on three cars. For five people. 1.20 percapita seats afloat. Naw, that's not overkill!

And we headed for the best local pond, at the DAR state park. Some other people had the same idea, and it was kind of a riot on the beach, but we were happy once we got around tot he the other side of the pond and got organized. 


Al oversees the deployment

Al oversaw the deployment of the troops. All the loose crap stuff went into the canoe, which has at other times carried six people and a birthday cake. The wind was blowing straight onto the beach, making it difficult for Aerin to get the Elephant's Toenail off the beach, so Red Kate gave her a tow out to the deeper water where the octopi water weeds were not grabbing at her keel. 


We stopped in the very center of the pond, and had our picnic lunch. Aerin sailed around and around us, sometimes on the same tack all the way around because the wind was so shifty. Alice came along next to us like a duckling, and Red Kate was streaking off to the edge of the pond and back like a puppy.

lunch afloat

what happiness looks like

This is what happiness looks like.