Sicilian Buttercup hen

sicilian buttercup hen

Another chicken – This one is a Sicilian Buttercup, mostly I think because the comb is a lovely dished affair. I have spent a lot of the winter reading the poultry book Margaret (of the Chicken Hat) loaned me. There are a lot of details of comb and ears and layers and meat and all rounders, and spurs… (In an interesting side note, if you go look at the cover, the top left chicken is one of Margaret's and the inspiration for the hat.)

No, I am not contemplating chickens in the backyard. I hated owning chickens. I liked the ducks when we had them, but they are noisier and smellier and harder to keep track of than chickens. They need water, and then they poop in it. No, what I really love is the details of the feathers. I should do a whole series of smaller pieces just on feathers.

Apparently this is hereditary, as I am the proud possessor of my grandmother's feather collection, complete with scrawly kid handwriting on where and when the first ones were collected. 

When I have these two girls mounted and framed I'll be posting them on Etsy. 

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