better ruby

better ruby
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

It is harder than you might think to get nice pictures of these horses, in part because they are so cheerful and friendly they keep following you to see if you might have treats, and all you can get are pictures of enormous noses and rolling eyes.

So I am pleased with this one of Ruby, and a couple others of Penny and Kaboose over on Flickr.

These are after Rachel and I were out for a trail ride, trying to find the Northwest Passage – a mythical connection between two trails. There are a stunning number of trails that start out looking perfectly reasonable, and then vanish between two trees, leaving you and the horses flailing around getting sticks stuck in your helmet and bridle and all that. And then walking around in misshapen circles trying to find the trail, when it was a trail, so you can go back and try a different direction. It was a nice afternoon for it, despite the sticks.

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