lumpy pots

lumpy pots
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Alice and I have finally gotten some of our first pots home.

The process is so slow it is kind of a wonder we remember to bring them home at all. After they are partly dried they get trimmed, then finished drying, following which they get fired once, glazed (dipped into one or another, or a series of buckets of glaze) fired again, and finally finally carried carefully home.

While most of my efforts end up a squelpy mess (Alice’s words) or terminally lumpy and uneven, a couple are getting useful. Shown here is a cereal bowl, in use, a handle-less tea mug, and a micro teacup.

Using my own work for the intended purpose if pretty gratifying. Plus I owe the house some small ice cream bowls, for the ones I broke a couple years ago. I have my work cut out for me.

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