Part of whatever I was sick with required a round of antibiotics and was probably strep. The rest of it has been receding slowly over the last week. I've been sleeping, and drinking a lot of fluids, and waiting impatiently to feel substantially better.

It is hard to think it is June already. May hardly made a dent on my consciousness and here we are rampaging towards the longest day of the year and the last day of school. Both the same, as it turns out.

I got postcards printed locally, and they are fabulous. There are now five horse postcards, and five brown things, and I will have them up on Etsy soon. The works that are headed to the Wisconsin gallery are mounted and languishing at the framers. When they are done there I will hie them to the UPS store to be swaddled in bubble wrap and sent on their way.

I have started a new piece, but it isn't to a stage where it can be photographed yet. You'll all be the first to know, I promise!

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