Postcard sets on Etsy

Four blue postcards close

I have no idea why I fell off the red horse again(!), but fortunately not so hard this time, and got sick the day after. I don't think they are connected. Although it does feel like a message from the universe. At the moment I am slowly recovering from a head cold, balancing a head full of phlegm on top of a (still sore) shoulder and not sitting down much on account of how that is what I fell on last. If you see what I mean?

Anyhow – I scrounged up enough energy to post three sets of postcards on Etsy. These really are limited edition prints (I suppose I should have said that over there too) as I am clearing the decks of cards printed by one company so I have room when the next batch comes in. There is a set of four brown things from November of 2007, a set of four blue cards with circles from January 2007, and a set of four nearly random objects from the last couple years.

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