artful indigo

artful indigo
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

I was looking at Glennis's blog, and that led me to her Flickr set, and THAT led me to search for indigo things on Flickr, and well, that always ends up with me wanting to show you the gorgeous things I found.

Glennis (Shibori Girl) taught a wonderful online class on shibori techniques. We used tiny vials of intense, easy to use Colorhue dyes, and smallish pieces of fabric in yogurt tubs. (I posted some of my results here, and here.) I had fun experimenting with silk. Using it for dyeing helped remove some of the mystique from the fiber, at least enough that I've been using it extensively in the Ancient Equines pieces!

One thought on “artful indigo

  1. what a lovely set(mosaic) of indigo delight. it’s almost impossible to make a bad collection of something so lovely. your set made me start a flickr gallery of my own fave indigo so thanks for that.
    glad you enjoyed the class and glad you found the approach de-mystifying. one of my goals for the students. i like to encourage experimentation as i find it very playful and once you start playing….well the child in you just has to come out!


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