Feb 28

Feb 28
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

Today I finished these pieces, and photographed them and then went to the barn and rode the lovely blonde Haflinger pony in a long lesson and then through the woods and helped out in the afternoon, enjoying the sun and the mud before it turns to snow and other vile weather.

Our neighbors were having a game night so Alice and I went over and were sociable. We taught them the water buffalo song, and took over Quirkle and the triangular version of Blokus. I think everyone had a pretty good time. Aerin was in town being sound techie at a Northamptones concert. Al was working, and came home and flopped – he couldn’t face people.

I am SO PLEASED February is done. I always come into it thinking maybe it won’t be so bad this year, and I always get whiny and sick of it a week before it ends. I think it feels like an entire month of Mondays. I am looking forward to March.

I actually have a couple thoughts about February’s project, but I am so tired I am about to tip over, so I’ll have them tomorrow instead.

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