Feb 25

Feb 25
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

More of the blue horse – I am just working my way along the unfinished pieces because they all connect, and I prefer to have the edges match.

In other news, I bought a new tool/toy today. I have been yearning gently after an embellisher machine, also called a needle felting machine. I avoided buying one because I thought if I really wanted to felt things I could use felting needles by hand and see if they did sort of what I wanted. But today I finally sought one out, and played with it, and realized it was much faster and much easier and much more fun than I expected. I talked to Al sitting in the parking lot, and decided to go ahead and do this machine now, and see if I really like this way of working as much as I think I will.

I had to finish these squares before I felt like I could pull it out and play. I’ll post pictures of new work soon. I think I have a theme for March too: daily felting machine experiments.

One thought on “Feb 25

  1. Ooh, I should join you! I didn’t even know about the durned things, living under a rock like I do, and the first time I saw one I fell in L-O-V-E!!!! But I’ve been so busy since I (immediately ran out and bought one, I NEVER do that!) that I haven’t played with it nearly so much as I want.


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