Dec TIF done

Dec TIF done
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

If November is all about Gratitude, then December is all about Generosity, which seems like a good flip side to me.

I was enchanted by these cookies, but taken aback at the amount of effort they required to produce something that was inherently ephemeral. So I thought to make them from fabric. I am obliged to the cookies' maker for giving permission to use her photo for inspiration. My plans for the end results are to give them to teachers from the past year; Circus teachers, riding instructors and yoga teachers, all have substantially improved my year and I should thank them.

4 thoughts on “Dec TIF done

  1. Those are beautiful! I very much like the cookies, but you’re right – they won’t last long, and your versions are forever. I had thought about making royal icing snowflakes decorated with those little edible silver ball bearings, but couldn’t figure out how to store or transport them. (Royal icing last nearly forever, until it gets wet or breaks.)
    We should get together at some point soon and do Crafty Things. What do you say?


  2. @Dancing Crow: Thank you so much for your nice comments about my cookies. I love the result of your fabric snowflakes!
    @Red Kate: The dough I used is gingerbread dough, which lasts up to a year (though I wouldn’t recommend eating it after a year). You can store in an air tight container and can transport them tightly packed with layers of tissue paper in between them to ensure they can’t move around.


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