October TIF

I am behind-hand in almost everything at the moment. The excitement of the elections, new babies and a perfect storm of kid related activities is making it hard to sit and sew.

The challenge for October was to make a piece that reflects how I feel/think about my work space. I am lucky to have a half a room to call my own – shared with Al's electronics and robot building. I spent most of September taking things out of it and making it nicer. I spent a good deal of October putting things back into it again, but only things I need, use, or love.

I rely on my room for making my work. I don't do a lot of handwork, most is a combination of fusing and heavy machine embroidery. I have found that I can't work if I am not in my room. I can make tiny thumbnail sketches for design ideas, I can make lists of what I think I making next, but I can't work on a particular piece if I am not in my room. It makes it hard to do something like a Quilter's Retreat, because I inevitably forget the piece I need most, or want a scrap or bauble (or yard of fabric) I have left at home.

Being in my room, making things in my room, is soothing work, most of the time. I have the current work pile, the pile of things that are ready to fuse, and a gorgeous box of thread ready to use on the machine. I can sit and look out the window, or poke along on the current piece. When I haven't made something for a while, a couple days or a week, I start to get itchy and grumpy. My husband recognizes it before I do, and tells me "go make something."

I did work on some pieces in October. You can find them here, and here.