painting, rugs, furniture, sorting and filing

Two coats of paint on all the walls, even the one that was white already. Now the trim is so old and grubby I can't leave it, so today I invest in a quart of high gloss white and go after the windowsills and door frames.

I'm waiting for the rug I ordered from to come so I can put it down around the edges while the junk is consolidated in the middle of the floor. Then I can move the right pieces back out to the walls, and continue weeding the collection at the same time.

I think the I'll use the Ikea kids' storage concepts, because they are the right height and I can find boxes to fit into the slots. That should free up some space on the wall behind Al's desk so he has places to put robot parts. Eventually we will both fit into one room. At least, that is the plan.

One thought on “painting, rugs, furniture, sorting and filing

  1. Hello Dancing Crow!! Thanks for the heads up on the socks book. I’m off tomorrow to see about it. I so want to learn to knit socks!
    I feel your pain on the subject of painting walls and NOW painting trim. The trim always looks fine — UNTIL – it’s up against some nice fresh painted walls. Then – YUCK!!! We are painting our entire house as we speak!!


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