happy rug dance

My kids were treated to their mother cavorting about the living room singing "I got my rug I got my rug I got my rug…" I was worried it wouldn't make it before the end of the day Friday, and since UPS doesn't deliver on weekends or holidays that would mean the room project was on hold until Tuesday. How to make my head explode! But it is here, and and going to be installed, and on Tuesday I am headed on the long trek to Ikea to get stuff to hold up tables.

My large daughter very kindly helped me paint the trim in the room Thursday. We agreed that it was a classic example of a project that had spiraled WAY Out Of Hand, in a mom kind of way. Really, all I wanted, at first, was a new table to work on.

I'm holding onto that thought.

And going to find Al so we can do the rug thing.