Jul TIF done

Jul TIF done
Originally uploaded by Dancing Crow.

It may not be done, but I am done with it. I have the next month to finish on time, and some other projects that have been percolating so long they are banging on the inside of my brain begging to be let out.

I was thinking about dividing the piece in half, and realizing how permeable a half way mark really is. While Xeno talks about halfway to a fixed point, half way through a year feels much less identifiable, because of the following years piled against it.

I used light-reactive paint to cover half the image, and used rope to mark the wavy boundary between here and there. I like the way the paint spilled beyond the border, and the stitching works into the overflow, showing again how permeable the boundary is. I cleverly combined a need and a desire – I needed portability, and desired to use handwork to make the stitches.

4 thoughts on “Jul TIF done

  1. I love the look of this fabric. I can already picture a skirt or a dress I would make if I had access to this. The aubergine colour is great, but the curvy boundary and the kantha-like stitches make the piece.


  2. I saw this first on Flickr and the way the paint overflowed the boundary just grabbed me – wonderful expression of the fluidity of ‘half way’. And the movement of the line… I love it


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