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Have a little orange in your Thursday.

I keep being gobsmacked by the amount of variation in a color that we can still recognizably call that color.

The May TIF is almost done, and then I’ll be offline for most of two weeks getting my work space changed and cleaned and emptied. I really can’t stand it any more. Plus I want to be able to get to the window so I can look out it, and open it and close it, and not have the sunlight reflecting off the foot plate of my sewing machine.

3 thoughts on “ORange!!

  1. It’s a great color, isn’t it? I recently made an orange block for a friend who loves the color, and I was surprised how much I liked it.


  2. Lee! Orange! Good! We loves orange. Ooooh, you’ve inspired me to rummage through my fabric stash and pick out all the glorious orange I’ve collected over the past few years. Yum!
    Perhaps orange yarn is also called for. I’ve got some white superwash roving and a dyepot…..


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