whether the weather

jan 18

Honestly, there are days I feel like this book is nothing more than a weather report: today it snowed, it was pretty.

I took the simplest of Margaret's suggestions (I know the toothpaste was a joke, but I did think about it for a minute, because Aerin's is blue with sparkles, and Alice's is faintly pink and I wondered what that would look like) and used gesso with a toothbrush to spatter snowflaky speckles on silk organza. What is harder to see is the white pen indicating snow on the branches of the tree underneath, which I was quite pleased with.

more rain

jan 14

I was experimenting with plastic bags to impose distance again. I drew on them with marker in long sweeps.

I wonder what it looks like if I sew on them?



The rising moon was all fuzzy behind some thin clouds, so I tried to portray it in fabric. this is a silk moon on cootton sky, with organza clouds over the whole page. I added some branches to hold the silk down and frame the moon better, and painted on some silk dye to make the clouds blacker away form the moon.

Since it is not quite a full moon tonight (not until Wednesday) this isn't quite correct (it is, in fact, a waxing gibbous moon) but I'm pleased.

double exposure

jan 12

What I like about this image is how it looks old, and battered, and almost like a fresco on the fabric. I ironed one image down (onto silk, which is why there is that sheen underneath the image) and then tried to iron a second over the top. The result looks exactly the way I feel, so it could be accounted successful.

I also started a new larger piece, inspired by all the fog and rain and veils of water in the atmosphere over the last couple weeks. One small piece of it looks like this:



Open fields on a hillside. A lot more will happen to this.

all the weather

jan 11

All the winter's weather is happening right now, all at the same time. I woke up to bucketing rain, drove to the barn in fog, and freezing fog (a whole new level of dreadful driving) and while I was there it warmed up 1o degrees to simply mist, alternating with stair rods of rain. A very impressive display.

I spent most of the drive up and back composing doggerel regarding the things in the other seasons I wish for when I'm in this one, and the drawbacks I forget about the other season.

This piece is everything, all at once. The underlying image transfer and a layer of silk organza, stitched in long vertical lines to indicate rain, with a layer of plastic bag with drawing on it, topped with a last layer of silk organza. I like the way the plastic glimmers through the organza.

sun showers

jan 10

Today was so much warmer, we were talking about it being distinctly balmy at the barn. A degree over freezing!! Break out the bathing suits?

Driving home, the sun was shining from one part of the sky and snow was sifting slowly down through the branches of the trees next to the road. The snow was stuck to the tops of all the branches too, so everything was strongly shaded, bright on top, deep dark wet bark colored below.

I tried two layers of plastic bag for this one, with white paint dotted onto each layer. Margaret very kindly offered a series of useful suggestions for snowflakes, including paint, gesso, glitter glue and toothpaste. I'll try gesso and a toothbrush tomorrow, but probably not toothpaste because it is water soluble.



Today was much warmer; all the way to just below freezing!

Thursdays are peaceful for me; I have lunch with Al, I have a Theater Tech meeting, and then I go home and do a good deal of nothing.

I was interested in trying a method to show how shiny and icy the ground is. I stitched a piece of plastic bag over an opaque transfer, and used marker to accentuate the shape and color of the tree. I think I can experiment with stitching on the plastic as well.






Today I braved the cold, which wasn't as bad as yesterday's cold, and went to ride the red horse. The day was shiny and sunny and bright, and all the rain that fell all Monday and froze up yesterday was reflecting light.

I'm getting whiplash from the weather changes: 45F on Monday, and 0F on Tuesday, and back into the low 30s by the end of the week.

cold and blowy


As every knows who watches any weather on TV, or probably listens to it on the radio, we are in a Polar Vortex (that you know the Weather channel is pronouncing POLAR!! VOOOORTEX!!!!!!) and it is pretty cold around here. I mean, New England gets real winter every year, with snow and nasty driving; not the way Chicago or Minnesota or Michigan's Upper Penninsula get winter, but we're a pretty hardy bunch. But still, this feels epic.

I was trying to show, with twisty thread and experiments on saturaing the color in the transfer image, how cold and blowy it was. Also if it looks like a migraine aura, there is that involved as well.

To get the darker image, I used a transparent transfer on silk organza, and then used the same image on an opaque transfer on the dark page. I lined them up, and stitched the top and bottom to keep them from shifting too much, and then free stitched the blowing wind.

I am delighted with the way the gray thread blends into the sky, giving it motion without too much extra color, but still stands out as it crosses the dark branches. That is something I can pursue further.

my morning commute


The driving this morning was stunningly lovely and very, very, very foggy. Today's page is an interactive exhibit on the wavering depth of field as the fog rolled around and the rain came pelting down. It took five pieces of silk organza to emulate the thickness of the fog, but it kept shifting and lifting. I left one edge of all the organza pieces free to indicate the variability of the fog.

I was so glad Kaboose is at a barn with an indoor ring today. The footing was sloppy and slippery, the driveway a skating rink, school was delayed two hours to let the ice melt some.