Things I have done since January 23, 2021

  • got my COVID-19 vaccination shots! I can hug people again!
  • accepted a commission for a piece for a friend’s parents
  • found work as a teacher at a micro school, two days a week, maybe a dozen kids, ages 6-14
  • addressed 35 years of paint on the dinghy my father designed and built, as a start to refinishing it
  • reached the one year mark for playing my guitarlele, and celebrated with a concert for a dozen children, all waist high or shorter
  • taught two Making Tiny Art classes for the Northampton Center for the Arts one online, and one (loosening restrictions and vaccinations) in person!
  • worked on a class description and syllabus for a fabric coloring and collage class for Northampton Center for the Arts
  • cleared off my desk twice (but you couldn’t tell right now)
  • went to see my mother in another state for the first time in sixteen months, hugged her a lot
  • mounted an exhibit of my work at the TDBank lobby in Amherst, MA
  • had people over to dinner, gone out to dinner and had a pique-nique at a dear friend’s house (hugs all around)
  • mounted an exhibit of the Daily Project in my dining room
  • helped a friend with her father’s terminal illness
  • answered questions to for the Northampton Center for the Arts Featured Artist spotlight(!!)
  • reserved a dumpster so we can get things out of the cellar so the mason can fix the (non-weight bearing) wall that is composed of melting(?) bricks
  • applied for a mentorship (I would be the mentee)

It’s been a while – what have you been up to?

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Dear Lee,

    I’m happy to hear from you, glad you have taken up your hugging habit again. You make the world a better place.

    You’re teaching! Children! That’s hard. What are you teaching them? And what have they taught you? In my experience, the one who learns the most is the teacher.

    Hooray for dumpster work. That’s so hard, but so important. Extra hard when there aren’t frequent moves to force the issue. My mother used to get frustrated and say, “This house is a mess! Time to move!” (I attended 5 schools in 5 years. Not Mother’s fault.)

    Streamlining possessions is like certain kinds of physical exercise: dreaded in advance, hated during, but absolutely wonderful after completing.

    How is Sally? I’m glad you visited her.

    How’s your dad? Still mostly tractable? Mostly content? Still counting down to meal times? I like to think of him in your car, holding his little stuffie as you drive.

    Is Ursa Minor in use? Does your dad get in her for bobbing on ponds?

    Say hello for me to anyone who remembers me.



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