Daily February 2019

four small tins

Join in now!

I wrote a more detailed description of the project at Clever Manka’s blog. The gist is – make a thing, or do a thing, every day, for all of February.

Choose something small and manageable, that you have materials on hand for and that won’t take more than 15 or 20 minutes a day at minimum. You can always work more!

Choose something that can be counted or measured, that does not require any judgement about whether or not it is done.

Take a picture and post it to Instagram. Tag it #dailyFeb2019 then browse around and see what other people are working on. I’m lee.thomson.art on Instagram, friend me so I can see too!

One thought on “Daily February 2019

  1. Good luck Lee ! I know your good at “a daily “thing” ….
    I’m NOT that good at keeping up something like that (I know I struggle
    in the last days of my “October-challenge”) And being busy with the
    weekly stitch-thing, I won’t participate, but wish you all a lot of FUN !


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