utterly experimental

Here’s where process gets complicated!

These are fabric pieces I composed using the landscape paintings I did last month as a starting point. Once the image was defined using fabric and thread, I painted over parts of it. Then I went in after the paint dried, and added some more details in thread.

I am going to put these up on my wall, and see how I like them. I think the process is exciting, and I like that I can make use of fabrics I might not otherwise (the pond piece is entirely made of silk! I don’t generally do that!) and I think paint is a good way to make bigger gestures and larger work.

Scale is important when working bigger. With thread, I only have a tiny thin line available to me. I can go over that line until it is heavier, or use heavier thread, but not too much heavier because the sewing machine has limitations. If I need areas, I can use fabric, and that is true at various sizes. It is getting lines and shading that I use thread for, and that I am interested in using paint for.


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