boat progress 3

hours to date: 93
hours remaining: 25 – 110
bugs attached to resin: 17
random attached to resin: 1 fern, 1 feather, 2 pieces of origami
tools located in shop (not purchased after all): 20 clamps, random orbital sander
new tools required: shopvac, tiny plane, 20 additional clamps, router+2 round-over bits

people who’ve helped: Alice, Molly
people with very useful advice: Matt and Orin
people who’ve kibbitzed: JT, Al, Aerin, Jared

most drawn out process so far: shaping the dagger board
most un-nerving moment so far: cutting a hole in the bottom of a perfectly good boat
far easier than expected: using a router
poetry committed: 1

potential names: Ursa Minor