strange peoples

strange peoples

I’ve been working on these people sporadically over the last couple of weeks. I originally thought of them as totems, but I don’t thing they are representing anything important enough. So they are just strange peoples for the moment.

Al looked at two on the wall downstairs and declared they were not “chewy” enough, which I think means they need more stuff. I have beads, and heavy thread, and I was even thinking about paint and stencils and then I started looking up laser cutters and fell down this rabbit hole and had to stop and fan myself.

In the boat department – the shelter is up and has survived the spectacular thunderstorms that rolled through. Tomorrow I shall find better stakes for holding it down because it is, as Alice correctly points out, one giant sail held temporarily horizontal. The weather is slated to clear out and cool off Wednesday and Thursday, so I will finish making plans and start unpacking the boat box then.

2 thoughts on “strange peoples

  1. I deliberately avoided going down that rabbit hole, but thanks for the invite 😉 😉
    I think Al is right … there needs to be a little more ‘something’ and then they will make people stand up and take notice. Threads, beads … or maybe each needs a wild hair-do ? You’ll come up with the right ‘something’, I know !
    Did I tell you I LIKE them ??


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