begin again


I started another piece that will be connected after the stitching is done. Working big is interesting because pieces last longer than a day or two, and I have to keep the idea I was chasing in mind as I move through the work.


peach eddy line

In which I again make something larger than I can photograph with any grace and have to get it photographed by someone with more space and larger equipment. Fortunately, I know who to go to (Stephen Petegorsky does excellent work).

I had this idea that the circles would get more intensely colored as they got smaller, which worked relatively well. The small peach circles are from a couple scraps that fell on the stack of blues when I was buying them. I collected some of these softer orangey-pinks for contrast, and the idea of finding another line down the river took shape.

I’ve already started the next too large piece. Just following my nose… Or my muse?

sinuous; snake-like

turquoise scaled river

After encouragement to work big again, and fix what I perceived as problems on the last big laced piece, I started this one. The thread texturing on the background is darker, and lets more of the browns show through. The river has more different colors and sizes of circles. I have one last layer to put on, a line of small circles in varied pinky-oranges, and then I will hammer holes in it to lace it together. More better photos coming soon.

I have shift back to landscapes after I finish this piece. I have a request for some snowy New England views, in stark contrast to what we have going on here at the moment.