Go big or go REALLY BIG

Timna pointed out to me that my leaves, while life size, were not large. So I thought for a week about how to get things on fabric larger than life, and complained bitterly to a friend before I remembered Spoonflower and the fact that I could have my own designs printed on all kinds of different fabric. For future reference, here is their list of available fabrics – which they hide too many levels down in their menu. But that is a quibble when you think about that you can do!

I have two oak leaves, each 3 feet long, and roughly two feet wide, printed in brilliant color on satin. I am going to do something with them. Soon. I even had a detailed dream about what I was going to do, but I forgot it when I woke up. There was gel medium involved, and a large stretched canvas, and burlap, and a bottle of Sauterne. I can work with that when I’m awake.


One thought on “Go big or go REALLY BIG

  1. Ahhhhh Lee, I KNOW ! That happens to me too : you have a great dream
    about what to do in your work next (I even have it when I’m only thinking
    about it just before I go to sleep) …. and then you forget it when you wake
    up the next morning !!!!
    Want to see your leaves 😉


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