Last day of vacation, first day of school

selfie off MananaIt has been a full couple of weeks.

We went to see my brother. He lives on an island. My mother came out too. I always call these gatherings the world’s smallest family reunion.

The selfie is me rowing in the Atlantic, one of my most favorite things ever. The group photo is my mother, her two children, plus their spouses and offspring (all my mom’s grandchildren in one place!) plus other important people who come along with us. We seem to be able to take one family photo on the dock before we all vanish to the various compass points of our existence. I have a couple more pictures taken on this very dock (someone else was occupying our usual rocks) spanning a decade.

While I was on the island, I spent some serious time experimenting with acrylic paint. I will post pictures of those when I can. I was reminded how intense learning can be, mostly by the off-kilter feeling I had about my ability to depict what I wanted to.

last first day of high school

Alice is a senior. To her deep disgust, school started for her this week, while Aerin has until Sunday to revel in the tail end of summer.

Aerin’s back to school pictures are generally packed cars now, headed out to college, although this is her senior year as well.

One thought on “Last day of vacation, first day of school

  1. What an impressive family photo!! You’ve done well from all angles. But, of course, that doesn’t surprise me……I knew way back when that you would have a life packed with great experiences and good people!!!


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