take it from the top

Beginning of Jenny's Marsh. Sky and island. Acres of marsh yet to accomplish.

I started a commission piece today. A friend and I have been talking for two years (we move slowly) about what might work in her house. We had an enormous plan to make a set of pieces that would fit under the eaves in her bedroom, but that wound up not working so well.

This spring, we agreed on a nice open location, and a feeling for what she wanted for a topic, and I finally started today. I dyed the silks for the sky and water this morning, and got the top parts of the work blocked in and started stitching.

Updates as they occur!

One thought on “take it from the top

  1. I love the sky…you really caught the essence of an ever-changing softness and I can almost feel the dew on the luscious greens. I swear, Lee, you’re going to motivate me to get back to some level of creativity!!!


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