Winter sunlight

velmas barn, winter sunlight

Velma’s barn again, this time after a snowstorm. I loved the way the barn was blanketed with snow, and how bright the roof was, with the snow untouched, and the shading in the snow and the weeds coming up through it down on the ground.

There are two more exteriors that are calling to me – and another interior. And! I found the first of the door hooks. It was under the color correcting lamp, which was why the lamp was tilted at an odd angle and making shadows on things.

velma barn door hook

One thought on “Winter sunlight

  1. oh, lee, they are so wonderful.

    ian is going nuts. (happy nuts) it will be amazing to see them all together—the series that is.

    you must let me know if/when you choose to sell them-yes big hint. but not until they rate out of your system. i can’t wait to see them all.

    i love that one hook was hiding for a while. under the lamp…that’s exactly what i would do!

    your big wave as you hurried to class still gives my heart a smile! xo velma


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