two new pieces, and a mammoth trunk

Plum Island over there

The rocks at the northern tip of Crane's Beach, looking across to Plum Island. It was taken last winter, when I was visiting my mother and walking her dog on the off-leash part of the beach. It was COLD, I tell you what, and the wind was stiff.

Cranes Hill, looking north

I am particularly pleased with the subtlety of the foot prints, and the ice encroaching. From another photo taken the same day.


new mammoth trunk

And then there's the final mammoth's trunk – a series of circles separated with increasing numbers of beads. It has the perfect swing. I am going to waste a happy hour or so tomorrow glueing strips of fabric on the edges of each circle, and it will be perfect.


mammoth structure


After staring at the small mammoth (is that oxymoronical?) I made a head for the two person mammoth for the upcoming show. The next steps are to get a layer of padding and fabric over it, and settle on the construction of the trunk.


Sally’s marsh, looking north

Sallys marsh north

I finally started work on the Crane Estate sale works. I am stumped by the current map-like view of the marsh, so I started this one today. It is from a photo I took on my mother's back step, looking north and east, across Plum Island Sound and the marshes behind it.

I had to spend some time dyeing the fabric for sky and water in the marsh, but I am pleased with the way this came out so far.