travel, and maps

I delivered five pieces to Grow Gallery on Friday, and on the way home realized I had failed to photograph the last one when I finished it. I'll have to drag the camera back to Shelburne Falls and accomplish that – can't have pieces escaping into the wild unphotographed! I was going to show you a picture of Lesley in the middle of her wonderfully curated space, but she demurred, so you'll have to follow links to see her and what she has there besides my work.

I did start a new piece today, and I am taking a certain amount of pleasure in the look of the linework on the back of it. It looks like a map from Tolkein, all mystery and winding river and odd little pictograms. I was thinking about landuse and how I might show that on the front, but having gotten the info I need transferred to the back, I was halted with indecision. A couple days away will, I hope, bring the ideas into better focus.