distracted, bemused

I'm not sure if I am having organizational issues or motivational ones, but either way it means you don't get to see what I've been working on lately, which is not good.

I signed up for a "what comes after beginning drawing" class, which is helping me get things from outside in the world down onto paper in a two diemsnional way. I like the teacher (Paula Gottlieb) a lot – she's got a firm grip both on drawing and on explaining things. And I love the things she brings in to draw; eggs, shells, tree branches and birch bark – all things that speak to me!

My fellow students are an interesting bunch too. One woman does unexpected prints using craft foam on fabric, two others draw, and to our mutual astonishment, one has two pieces of my art that she got at Grow Gallery (veils of mist, and meadow maple, greening) which I still find cheering and humbling.

I am still working on the weird little April project I invented, drawing things in the hangman game book. Photographing it is harder than I expected because the book wants to be closed. I should probably locate a clip of some sort to hold it open, because I am not liking all the pictures of my hands and fingers holding it down, plus the focusing is much more difficult with only one hand.

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