sets for a musical, or the theater that ate my March

Another thing I do is work at the high school in the theater program. This spring I was invited to design the sets for the musical Meredith Willson's Music Man – the one with Robert Preston and Seventy-six Trombones and a great deal of chasing around the bushes in the moonlight. And the train. And the Shipoopi dance (that one is hard to get out of your head!)

Our high school has a strong arts and music program, so we had a great chorus, fantastic leads, and a full pit orchestra. Students designed the lights and sound, and worked closely with the adults doing the designing and building of costumes, sets and choreography. We had four shows, finishing last night and striking the show after.

This is what it looked like while it was up:

what I've been doing recently

In daily project news, I managed to finish February, so I'll post those soon. I'm not sure what to do about two lost weeks in March. I'll probably pick up a new booklet and start….something. I get to do a lot of nothing today.

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