past excitement

jan 15

Wednesday night was the winter end of semester concert: the band, two different jazz ensembles, and three singing groups, increasing in skill as they decrease in size but matching high enthusiasm across all skill levels. It is a grueling night for tech in part because the set up is physically intense,  the concert itself is long, interspersed with short bursts of frantic activity, followed by all the cleaning up, coiling and putting away…

I took one of the techs home. He lives out toward the edge of town, and on the way we were attacked by a man-eating pot hole. One tire was completely flat when we pulled into his driveway. For all that the moon was ful, it was also cloudy and and very damp, and I was done. So Al came to get Aerin and me, and brought us home, and that is why today's page shows a full moon and a flat tire.


jan 16

The nest morningn Al and I went back to retrieve the car, changing the tire in good order (daylight and less tired made it quite breezy!) and getting it replaced. Followed by a day that felt like non-stop spinning in circles. So I made a spiral and called it done.


jan 17

And then tonight, the waning gibbous moon was rising through the trees and showing through a thin scrim of clouds. And I figured out how I wanted to show it!

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